Shows & Events

  • Los Aspirinas - Salsa Vitamina
  • Pisando Fuerte - Belgrado

Attic Independent Production provides artists to many of the uncountable Salsafestivals, Salsacongresses and diverse prestigious events all over Europe.

So far we conducted 3 large tours with Cuban artists in Europe, with performances at different prestigious events like the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, Havana en Belgrado, Salsavitamina, Cubaniando, Festival Cubano, Uragano Festival, Bread & Butter Berlin and many more.

We are not just working internationally, but also care about our local Salsa scene in Zürich. We presented the entire lineup of the artists of the Cuba – Si o Si – Festival 2015.

The selection of artists inspires the audience and the reliability of artists’ bookings inspires the organizers.


  • Ismaray Chacón Aspirina - Habana en Belgrado
  • Ismaray Chacón Aspirina - London Cuban Salsa Congres
  • Ismaray & Luis - Festival Cubano (Polen)
  • Pisando Fuerte - Belgrado
  • Workshops Los Aspirinas & Adonis & Fredyclan - Habana en Belgrado
  • Workshops Ismaray Chacón Aspirina & Alberto Valdes - London

The Cuban artists, whom we select for are cooperation, are much interested in attracting the audience and bring closer the dance and the Cuban dance traditions at all different levels.

From beginner level private lessons to large workshops on festivals of highest level, our artists are totally motivated to provide joy and the beauty of their culture.

The work is characterized by sufficient knowledge and experience in order to impart culture properly, with which is a basis is laid for the further development.